Tossed my Cookies after Ragnar

I seem to have been hit with a streak of bad luck these last few weeks. Ragnar Las Vegas was SO fun and I had the best time running and getting to know the girls in my van. Half way through our last day running one of the girls in the van started getting sick. Her stomach was giving her problems and she thought she was car sick. I also started getting a headache about an hour before my last run but I figured it was due to a lack of sleep. I got a burst of energy during my last run, and in spite of my stomach cramps, I finished my last 7.6 mile leg strong.


While I was running the sick girl in our van started throwing up. As soon as my run was over the exhaustion hit and was in bad shape. I knew I didn’t feel well but I again, I figured it was because I was SO tired. We finished the race, returned our rental car and went to Five Guys to celebrate with burgers and fries. I had about 2 bites of my burger when I realized it was not sitting well in my stomach. We went back to the hotel and I showered and went to bed ASAP. I woke up a few hours later because I had the stomach flu. It was NOT fun. I spent the rest of the night on the bathroom floor until the alarms started going off at 3:30AM. The other girls had a 16 hour drive to get home and wanted to get an early start. Thankfully I was able to sleep most of the way home and I didn’t puke in anyone’s car!

I was incredibly happy to see my kids and husband and to take an nap in my own bed.  The flu bug at the end really put a damper on things. I was just thankful that I was able to run all my legs BEFORE I got sick. I am already looking forward to my next Ragnar with team “Any Excuse For a Girls’ Night!”  Hopefully next time I won’t toss my cookies at the end! Smile

I will do a full race recap when I get all the pictures from my teammates.

6 thoughts on “Tossed my Cookies after Ragnar

  1. Isn’t this not so uncommon when you subject yourself to exercising all out and then sitting in a small van full of sweaty, stinky, dirty, filthy, athletes? I think it was more of your body saying, “this was fun for the first 16 hours, but now it sucks.”

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