Our Big Adventure

I started my day off right yesterday with a slow and easy 4 mile run outside.  I went just as the sun was coming up and it was magnificent. I sure do love getting my workouts done first thing in the morning!

I was feeling adventurous so before heading out to pick Dax up from preschool I packed lunches for the boys. I used to be so much better about taking my kids to explore exciting places. Lately, if we go anywhere, it involves the grocery store, Walmart, or the gym.  I was planning on taking them to the park for a picnic lunch but as soon as I stepped outside I realized it was too cold. We did the next best thing and headed to the library. There is a big long hallway with a sitting area before the entrance to our library so this is where the boys ate their lunches.

photo (36)

Once they finished eating we headed in and Dax made a B-line for the computers. The Logan library has a bunch of computers in the kids area with educational games on them. Dax played a Sesame Street game that is supposed to help him learn how to sound out words.

photo (37)

While Dax played on the computer Everett and I checked out some of the Holiday books.  We were lucky enough to find “The Night Before Christmas” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Once we finished perusing the entire children’s book section, we headed over to the reading area.

photo (38)

After spending at least an hour in the library we headed home for naps. I was hoping they would be super tired from our “big afternoon adventure” and take extra long naps. That didn’t happen. I had just enough time to make lunch and eat it before they decided it was time to come out and play again!


I made some sautéed some chicken, bell pepper, and onion in low fat sesame ginger dressing. I also baked a few corn tortillas that were used to scoop up that big heap of guacamole. It was definitely a random lunch but it tasted delicious!

photo (39)

I had to go to a quick meeting for work last night but we promised the kids we could decorate the Christmas tree. Kelly got home a few minutes early so we could spend a half hour decorating before I had to leave. The boys had an awesome time and the bottom 1/8 of our tree is FILLED with ornaments. Smile We did a bit a rearranging after they went to bed. We did get to finish decorating so I will post a photo of the whole tree once I add the finishing touches!

What is the best thing you did yesterday?

Do you ever use your local library?

-I use ours occasionally, but feel like I should utilize it more! Who doesn’t like free books and movies?

A Day in the Life

As you know I’ve been following Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer from bodybuilding.com. The program is completely free and I’ve loved it so far.  I’m only on day three but I can tell my body is appreciating all the healthy foods I’ve been feeding it. After indulging over the long weekend I’m really happy to be back to more nutritious foods. The average woman gains 3-5 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years. I’m bound and determined NOT to be that women.  Hop on the bandwagon with me and you don’t have to be her either.

Before I get to my usual What I Ate Wednesday I want to share my breakfast recipe with you. I found it on bodybuilding.com and it was super scrumptious. Everyone in my family gave these pancakes great reviews.

Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

From www.Bodybuilding.com

Calories: 64
Fat: 1.3 grams
Carbs: 9.5 grams
Protein: 3.5 grams
Sugar: 0 grams

  1. Preheat griddle to medium heat.
  2. Mix oat flour, Splenda, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg in a bowl.
  3. Wisk egg whites and pumpkin. Mix in Almond Breeze (I also added 1 tsp. vanilla here).
  4. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and mix together.
  5. Spray griddle with non-stick butter spray.
  6. Scoop batter with a 1/4 cup measuring cup onto griddle. Cook 3-5 minutes on a side.

Makes 16 pancakes.

For today’s What I Ate Wednesday I am going to give you a glimpse into my day-to-day life. This is from yesterday. Here it goes:


We woke up and Dax helped me make some pancakes and eggs for our breakfast.

8 AM Breakfast:

photo (35)

2 pumpkin pancakes with almond butter and 5 egg whites cooked with salsa.

After breakfast we kissed Daddy goodbye and I realized I only had 10 minutes to get myself and my two kids dressed and out the door to head to the gym. I only reserved a spot for my kids from 9-10 and I didn’t want to be late and cut into my workout time. I managed to get everyone ready but didn’t realize Everett was missing shoes until I had already left the house. Luckily my diaper bag is a bottomless pit and I just so happened to have an extra pair of shoes in there!

I only got 10 minutes into my workout when a worker found me and let me know Everett needed a diaper change. :-/ I was in my own little world so she had to tap me on the shoulder and wave her arms in my face to get my attention! I was just starting to get into my groove so it was a bummer to have to stop. Being a mom is a 24/7 job and kids don’t always pick the best times to need something. Such is life! After finished up at the gym, we headed home for a snack.

10:30 AM Snack:

photo (32)

Chocolate protein shake made with 1 cup almond milk, 1 scoop whey protein, 1tbsp. cocoa powder, 1/2 banana, and ice.

After snack the boys played while I got ready, blogged, and responded to emails. After reading a few books and doing 5 million puzzles with my kids it was 12:00 and time to feed them lunch. I made them PB&J on whole wheat bread with a side of applesauce. Everett decided he didn’t want his sandwich and was begging me for cheese. He is just beginning to talk so when he pointed to the fridge and said, “chsssss” I couldn’t resist.


What can I say, the boy REALLY loves his cheese.

I started prepping my lunch while the kids were eating. They both went down for naps at 1. This is mommy time and I enjoyed my lunch while listening to Christmas music.

1:15 PM Lunch:


Taco salad with spring mix lettuce, chicken, salsa, guacamole, homemade baked tortilla strips, and a squeeze of lime.

After lunch I relaxed for a few minutes before heading into the kitchen to clean. I was in such a rush to get to the gym in the morning that I hadn’t even cleaned up breakfast. Needless to say, it was a really big mess. The boys both woke up around 2:30 and had snacks. We ready more books, did more puzzles, watched Mickey Mouse, and played with endless amounts of cars, trucks, and trains. I also made some pumpkin protein bars while Mickey Mouse was on.

4:45 PM Snack:


An apple and two Pumpkin Protein Bars (not pictured).

Daddy surprised us by getting home early so we could go pick out our Christmas tree. We found a great tree and got it all set up on our car when we realized we didn’t have a tree stand. The tree lot didn’t sell them so we headed to Walmart. What do you know? Walmart doesn’t have tree stands either. But since we were there anyway we picked up some goldfish crackers, teddy grahams, and beef jerky. All my boys were getting hungry (Kelly included)so they ate some really nutritious??? snacks. We drove to the other side of town to go to Home Depot where we finally found a tree stand. Success!

By the time we got home and set up the tree it was time for the boys to go to bed. They were a bit sad we didn’t get to decorate it so we let them put the star on the top!


After PJ’s, brushing teeth, reading stories, singing songs, and prayers this kids were in bed and it was time for me to EAT. I had planned on making chicken and sweet potatoes but since everyone else already ate I nixed the idea. I didn’t feel like cooking for just 1 person.

8 PM Dinner:


I don’t like to eat too much deli meat because of the preservatives and high sodium but I made an exception tonight. I had 6 oz. deli turkey, 2 celery stalks, and a slice of Ezekiel toast with peanut butter and sugar free jelly.

I ate dinner while watching an episode of Sister Wives. Why is that show so addicting? It is just so fascinating to see how a polygamist family lives.

What is the best thing you’ve had for breakfast lately?

Are you usually alert during your workouts or do you tend to zone out?

-I almost always zone out but I try to be more aware during my outdoor runs. Safety first!

Have you put up Holiday decorations yet?

What I Ate Wednesday

I decided to wait till tonight to post my What I Ate Wednesday instead of my usual morning post. I was still getting over my flu bug yesterday and I didn’t think you would be interested to see photos of saltines and sprite! Well lets get on with it.

7:30 AM Breakfast: Cereal, milk, and an apple.


10:30 AM Snack: A wasa cracker with peanut butter, banana, and honey.


1:00 PM Lunch: A Flatout Bread Pizza with pizza sauce, cheese, red pepper, red onion, cherry tomatoes, black beans, salsa, and avocado.


3:30 PM Snack: A smoothie with blueberries, pineapple, mango, strawberry, banana, orange juice, and almond milk.


5:15 PM Dinner: Pulled Pork on a whole wheat bun and steamed asparagus.


I’m on my way out the door to head to a meeting for work but I plan on having some popcorn while I watch Modern Family tonight!

Thursday Thoughts

My kids both decided to get up at 5:20AM. I don’t prefer to get up at this hour but at least they BOTH woke up early. Maybe this means they’ll both sleep in tomorrow. We all know this is just wishful thinking. Both kids have their milk and a cup of cheerios and are currently content. I’m sure their happiness will only last as long as the cheerios.


I made the most delicious turkey sandwich yesterday. I generally do my best to eat healthy fats like nuts & nut butters, olive oil, and my favorite, avocados. Yesterday I had a craving for a turkey sandwich with a big slice of cheese and I indulged! I forgot how great deli meat and cheese pair together. This sandwich was completed with some lettuce, tomatoes, and spicy hot mustard. It was epic.


I  had to go out yesterday to pick up a few last minute items in preparation for Ragnar. I really only needed a reflector vest and snacks for the road but, while I was at the sporting goods store, I spotted a really cute running skirt. it is impossible to see something cute and NOT try it on, so into the dressing room I went.Well what do you know, the skirt fits perfectly! I brought this beauty home with me and will be wearing it for one of my 3 runs in Vegas. Yes, I’m breaking the first rule of racing: don’t wear anything new on race day. I fully expect this skirt to ride up and cause lots of chafing. I kid. I’m wearing it for a 3 mile run and don’t foresee having any problems during the 30 minutes I have it on!


Why yes, there is a picture of Ludwig Von Mises on my phone cover. It came free with the phone from my Dad. He is super into politics and homeboy Ludwig is a famous, and super smart economist that my Dad thinks is the bomb dot comb. Don’t be too jealous. We can’t all have super cool phone covers like me!

I’m leaving at lunch time today to head to Las Vegas!!! I’m not sure what the internet situation will be so I don’t know when I’ll be updating the blog. You can follow me on twitter and instagram @bri_red. I plan to update those as much as possible.

Now it’s off to finish my last minute packing!

Running Faster

We had a rough night last night. Poor Dax was really not feeling well and couldn’t fall asleep until 3:30AM. Then he woke up again at 4:30 and told me he wanted to wake up and watch Mickey Mouse! Smile I finally coaxed him back to sleep but when Everett woke up at 6:30, I was NOT ready to get out of bed. I gave him a cup of milk and some cheerios and sat him in front of some cartoons so I could sleep on the couch.


I had to make a choice this morning; it was either go for a run or write a blog post. I chose to go for a run and I’m so glad I did. I didn’t have a lot of time so I was only planning on running 3 miles. I did 3 miles at 5K race pace and it felt SO good. My race pace is only 8:35 min./mile but I ended up doing 8:20 min./mile! I’ve really been trying to work on running faster but since I’ve been running with the stroller a lot I’ve actually been going slower than normal. I think my training runs with the stroller are actually making me faster since when I ditched the stroller this morning I ran faster than ever before. My run this morning got me really excited to keep working on my pace and improving.


I was hired as a server at a local restaurant a few weeks ago but the place is still under construction. We are less than a week away from opening and there is still a lot to be done. The owners have asked to employees to come in and help with painting and cleaning. After my run this morning I headed over to the restaurant and painted for a few hours. I got to use one of those long paint sticks and it was actually kind of fun! I listened to a few podcasts and before I knew it, it was time to head home for lunch.


I made a flat bread pizza with some apple chicken sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, red onion, green pepper, and a sprinkling of cheese. This pizza was delicious and all the veggies on it really helped with my new 3-4 veggies a day goal!

After lunch I was able to get a short nap which has REALLY helped my energy levels. I’m going all out for dinner tonight and making mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted broccoli, and baked chicken. Better get cooking!

The Holidays Are Upon Us

I was really happy to be able to get my workout in this morning. I wasn’t sure how it would work since I couldn’t go to the gym due to the kids being sick. I did a circuit workout from Shape Magazine that used just my body weight and a wall. It was a series of exercises like a plank but with my feet on the wall instead of feet on the ground. In between each exercise I did 1 minute of high intensity cardio like squat jumps and high knees. Using the wall to do basic exercises really upped the intensity and I was dripping in sweat at the end of 50 minutes.

I had a late breakfast so when lunch time rolled around I wasn’t very hungry. I had to work from 1-5 today so I knew I needed to eat something or I would not make it through my shift.

photo (29)photo (30)

I decided on a bell pepper dipped in hummus and a side of plain Greek yogurt with strawberries and granola.

I got through work and when I got home poor Dax was laying on the couch and he was burning up. Ibuprofen seems to help but he can only take the medicine every 6 hours; it’s during hour 5 that he seems to have a hard time. Also, I have completely lost my voice. I’m feeling much better but the vocal cords just aren’t working. Not being able to talk is REALLY annoying.

I can’t believe it’s November already. That means the Holiday Season is upon us (I can start listening to Christmas music) and I’m SO excited.  I love Thanksgiving and Christmas and I especially love living in a place where it snows for these holidays. There is something about snow that really puts me in a jolly mood!

Martha Stewart

We are going to be spending Christmas at our house for the first time since getting married. We usually go to one of our parents houses but decided to spend Christmas in our own home, just the 4 of us. I am so excited to get a tree and decorate our house. It’s going to be a great season if we can just avoid getting sick. Last Christmas we weren’t so lucky.

Dax didn’t get the memo that we can’t start celebrating Christmas till November. He wore these PJ’s a week ago!

The Holidays can be quite unhealthy with all the treats and decadent foods being served. I have decided for the month of November I’m going to focus on getting my fruits and veggies. My goal for the month is to eat 2-3 fruits and 3-4 veggies everyday. I figure if I’m eating this many fruits and vegetables I can enjoy the occasional slice of pie and a nice serving of stuffing. Oh how I LOVE stuffing!

What is your favorite dish served at Thanksgiving dinner?

Barbecue Chip Sandwich and a Slow Jog

I did manage to go out for a run this morning but I was SUPER slow. I’m giving myself a break since I’m sick and I was pushing a stroller.


I ran 5 miles while Everett got his morning nap in. The poor little guy has had a rough morning.  I think he was mad at me for not getting him a Halloween costume until today.  Or it could be the fact that he is breaking another molar and he has a cold. Sad smile He did enjoy our run and slept peacefully the whole 50 minutes we were gone. Unfortunately, he woke up as soon as we stopped running and was unhappy when I put him down to try to shower.


Dax brought home a whole goody bag of treats from school today. I took the liberty of eating the popcorn ball since Dax said he didn’t want it and I was starving.

photo (26)

This little ball was quite tasty and made me want to make some myself!

We stopped by the Halloween store after picking Dax up from preschool. The baby costume selection was quite limited. What do I expect when I go to buy a costume ON Halloween?!?! I was happy to find an adorable little Bee costume that is so cute.

photo (27)

“Mommy, I don’t feel good. Stop taking pictures of me and let me eat my banana in peace!”

I got my boys down for their naps and then made myself some lunch. I had a pulled pork sandwich with leftover pork from this dinner. I served my sandwich with a side of carrots and a bag of barbecue chips I found hiding deep in the black whole of my kitchen cabinet.


I ended up paying tribute to my Elementary School days by putting a few chips in my sandwich. Best idea I’ve ever had. The barbecue flavor and extra crunch made this sandwich go from good to out-of-this-world-amazing. You must try it!

My house looks like a bomb went off in it so I must get to cleaning before all the festivities happen tonight! Check back in later tonight for some more photos of the kids in their costumes. Smile

Crazy Day!

It has been a crazy day! We had tons of fun playing with our neighbors. The play kitchen was the favorite toy of the day.


I made some Spanish style black beans with cilantro lime rice for lunch. I doubled the recipe thinking I would have enough for lunch tomorrow, but this dish was such a hit we gobbled it all up!


I topped mine with avocado and after this picture was taken I doused it in hot sauce. This kids got a little shredded cheese with theirs.


During nap time I made the cookies for Dax to bring to preschool tomorrow.


As I was assembling these bags I kept wondering why I didn’t just go to Wal-Mart and buy some prepackaged candy to give the kids!?!? I should get mother of the year award for brining something homemade, right?


After our neighbors went home we got busy carving more pumpkins. We didn’t get a chance to carve all 4 pumpkins at the party on Sunday so Dax and I did one this afternoon.


We also took the opportunity to roast some pumpkin seeds.  I rinsed them and then tossed them in a little melted butter and salt. They went into a 300* oven for 45 min. They were delicious!


Don’t worry. Everett only had a couple and I watched him the whole time, making sure he wouldn’t choke!

Kelly is going to play basketball with some friends tonight. I am looking forward to watching the latest episode of Nashville while I eat dinner BY MYSELF.  I love having fun filled days with the kids, but boy do they wear me out! I better start getting my kids ready for bed so I can enjoy some peace and quiet!

Random Thoughts Thursday

  • I had a wonderful time at yoga with my friend today. It was her first time at yoga and she totally rocked it! It was fun to experience something new with her. She said she felt like she was shaking through every pose but she looked awesome.  I hope she comes back with me again! We wish we looked like the girls in the picture below. Smile


  • I’m not sure but I think I’m about to come down with with a cold or bug of some sort. I’ve been tired all day and I’ve got a mild headache and a little tickle in the back of my throat. I’m drinking herbal tea with honey like a mad man hoping to nip this in the bud!


  • I’ve been thinking A LOT about breast cancer awareness this month. I’ve also been reading and doing some research on things I can start doing now to avoid getting cancer. I’m already doing a few of them including daily exercise and eating healthy, nutrient dense foods. I try to buy as much organic food as possible but my choices are limited and it’s so expensive.


  • I rediscovered the public library today. I’ve been really missing a good book in my life. I went to the Logan Public Library website and put 4 or 5 books on hold. I chose a few fiction books and a few running books. I’ve never read any books on running technique or ways to increase efficiency and speed so I’m especially eager to do a bit of reading on the topic. I’m excited to go pick them up tomorrow and start reading again.
  • We haven’t gone grocery shopping in over a week and I officially ate the last of the fruits and veggies at lunch today. I had a side salad and also a few baby carrots with hummus. I MUST get to the grocery store tomorrow!


What are your opinions on organic vs. non-organic foods?

Do you ever use your public library?

Pumpkin Walk & What I ate Wednesday

Breakfast yesterday didn’t happen till 8:30 but I grabbed a small bowl of cereal and ate an apple on my way to the gym.


When we got home from the gym at 11:30 I was starving and wanted something quick so I made a banana almond protein shake.


The shake hit the spot and left me full for 3 hours! I was hungry again at 2:30 and made a quick quesadilla with a flat out wrap, black beans and low fat cheddar cheese.  I also had a yellow bell pepper, some grape tomatoes, and guacamole for dipping (not pictured). YUM!


Here in Logan they put on a huge pumpkin walk every Halloween season. It usually only lasts about a week since the carved pumpkins don’t last much longer than that. We had been planning on going Monday but mother nature was being cranky and there was a huge rain storm! We tried again yesterday around 5 and the minute we walked out the door, it started raining, HARD. The kids were already so excited about going so we decided to hit up a covered pumpkin patch instead.

Pumpkin patch collage

We bought one pumpkin for each member of the family from smallest to biggest. After the pumpkin patch it was still raining so we decided to head in and get some dinner. We had some Thai Crunch Quinoa and a salad (not pictured) around 5:30.


Dax was sad and still asking to go to the pumpkin walk. At his point it mother nature had lulled to rain to a light sprinkle. We made the last minute decision to brave the rain. The Logan Pumpkin walk is a very popular event  and there is not enough parking for everyone. We parked at a local elementary school and they had a bus to take us to our final destination. I think Dax was more excited about riding the bus than seeing the pumpkins!

Pumpkin walk

The pumpkin walk was full of different ‘scenes’ that people from around our community created. They carved and painted the pumpkins to look like faces and other items. It was really cool and the boys loved it. The favorite of the night was the Mickey Mouse Olympics scene. I also thought the faces from the Hunger Games scene were the most realistic…it was incredible!

character collage

We also had some fun with these face cutouts before heading back to the bus to go home. We somehow managed to lose a baby shoe on our way back. Everett has a new obsession with taking his shoes off and we didn’t notice it was missing until we got to the car. We looked for it but it was MIA! Bummer.

We made one last stop before going home to put the kids to bed:


Nothing like a little frozen yogurt on a cold night!

Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting WIAW.