Our Big Adventure

I started my day off right yesterday with a slow and easy 4 mile run outside.  I went just as the sun was coming up and it was magnificent. I sure do love getting my workouts done first thing in the morning!

I was feeling adventurous so before heading out to pick Dax up from preschool I packed lunches for the boys. I used to be so much better about taking my kids to explore exciting places. Lately, if we go anywhere, it involves the grocery store, Walmart, or the gym.  I was planning on taking them to the park for a picnic lunch but as soon as I stepped outside I realized it was too cold. We did the next best thing and headed to the library. There is a big long hallway with a sitting area before the entrance to our library so this is where the boys ate their lunches.

photo (36)

Once they finished eating we headed in and Dax made a B-line for the computers. The Logan library has a bunch of computers in the kids area with educational games on them. Dax played a Sesame Street game that is supposed to help him learn how to sound out words.

photo (37)

While Dax played on the computer Everett and I checked out some of the Holiday books.  We were lucky enough to find “The Night Before Christmas” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Once we finished perusing the entire children’s book section, we headed over to the reading area.

photo (38)

After spending at least an hour in the library we headed home for naps. I was hoping they would be super tired from our “big afternoon adventure” and take extra long naps. That didn’t happen. I had just enough time to make lunch and eat it before they decided it was time to come out and play again!


I made some sautéed some chicken, bell pepper, and onion in low fat sesame ginger dressing. I also baked a few corn tortillas that were used to scoop up that big heap of guacamole. It was definitely a random lunch but it tasted delicious!

photo (39)

I had to go to a quick meeting for work last night but we promised the kids we could decorate the Christmas tree. Kelly got home a few minutes early so we could spend a half hour decorating before I had to leave. The boys had an awesome time and the bottom 1/8 of our tree is FILLED with ornaments. Smile We did a bit a rearranging after they went to bed. We did get to finish decorating so I will post a photo of the whole tree once I add the finishing touches!

What is the best thing you did yesterday?

Do you ever use your local library?

-I use ours occasionally, but feel like I should utilize it more! Who doesn’t like free books and movies?

Errands and New Fuel

After dropping Dax off at Preschool this morning, Everett and I headed out to run errands. It is so much easier to get shopping done with only 1 kid instead of 2!


We managed to get a lot done. We got all our groceries for the week, went to TJ Maxx, Old Navy, and Sports Authority.


I was so excited when we got to the grocery store this morning and I saw Mom’s Best cereal on sale. My kids LOVE cereal and when they eat it, half ends up on the floor so we go through it quickly! I got 10 boxes of cereal for $0.99 each. What a steal!


I picked up a few different chews and gels to try as energy during my long runs. Thus far my stomach does not seem to be very sensitive and I haven’t reacted badly to anything I’ve tried. I just decided to experiment with a few different fuel sources to see if I like one more than the other. I don’t bring fuel unless I will be running for more than an hour. During my long runs I take some sort of fuel every 45 minutes and a few big swigs of water every mile.  I will be doing a review of the different gels and chews after my long runs to let you know how they work for me.


I went all paparazzi and took a picture from my car of Dax on his way out of Preschool. I love our Preschool for many reasons but one is the traffic circle. There is no parking and getting out of the car. We just pull up and Dax is escorted by a teacher out to the car. The teacher even helps him into his car seat and buckles him up. It is especially nice on days like today because Everett was asleep and I didn’t have to wake him up!


Poor Everett was exhausted from our outing this morning. He usually wakes up when I get him out of the car seat, but today he just put his head on my shoulder and went back to sleep.

What is your favorite fuel for endurance activities?

What is your favorite cereal?

It used to be Lucky Charms but recently I’ve been enjoying Honey Nut Cheerios!

Relaxing Sunday and Workout Plans

We had a nice relaxing Sunday that started with waffles!  We had an extra hour from day light savings (and when you have kids you don’t get to sleep!) so we made waffles from scratch.


We don’t go to church till 1:00 PM so we had plenty of time to lay around the house. Daddy and the boys spent their time reading!


The boys both got tired and took naps around 10. In a very strange and unusual turn of events they both ended up sleeping for 3 hours! That NEVER happens. It was glorious but it meant we were late for church.

Everett was super stoked to carry his Cheerios and leave a trail everywhere he went. I swear I spent more time picking up Cherrios than I did listening to the lessons!  At least he was quiet. Smile

photo (31)

I planned out my workouts for the week last night. I have 25 miles running planned this week plus a few weight training sessions, and 2 yoga classes. It’s going to be an awesome week for workouts!

photo (1)

We’re starting the Christmas traditions early this year beginning with putting on some Christmas PJ’s and watching ELF!


Notice there is a blanket stuffed into our TV stand? That is because last week one of the kids shoved a toy into the DVD slot of the Playstation. We were unable to get it out and had to surrender to the professionals. $40 later and we are trying to figure out a way to keep the kids from messing with it. The blanket seems to be working. Out of sight, out of mind.

Do you plan your workouts in advance?

  • Lately I’ve been planning my week of workouts on Sunday night. This has worked well for me.

Long Run and Saturday Fun

I got a great start to my 85 miles in November with a 14 mile run this morning. I didn’t have a planned distance going into my run this morning. I knew I wanted to do a long run (like more than 8 miles) but I figured I’d just go until I didn’t want to go anymore.  My farthest run before today was my half marathon (13.1).


I felt great on my run today so I decided to push just a little bit further and go 14. I was running really slow, 10 min/mile so it took me 2:20:08 but I felt Ah Mazing when I got home. I told Kelly this afternoon that I want to run a marathon. I’m really into this whole “running” thing and I would love to run a marathon this spring/summer. June of 2013 will be 25 years since my marathon running Grandpa’s death and I would love to run my first marathon in his honor! No official plans yet but my mind is mulling it over.


After my run I was famished but I only had 20 minutes till I had to be at work. I made 2 eggs, plus 2 more egg whites and a slice of toast with peanut butter, banana, and honey.


When I got home from work, we made the last minute decision to go to the USU football game. We got there during the first quarter and USU was already up by 14! It was a fun and high scoring game. The Aggies smoked Texas State and the final score was 7-38!


After the game we went to Kneaders and I got a half turkey sandwich and a side of broccoli spinach salad. The salad had broccoli, spinach, raisins, grapes, and sunflower seeds and it was really tasty. I always love the sandwiches at this place. I got 100% whole wheat bread with turkey and avocado. The turkey is like Thanksgiving carved turkey; very thick and hearty.


They also had a huge and tempting selection of pastries and desserts. I may or may not have brought home a chocolate cream dome for later. Winking smile


Poor Dax was exhausted and fell asleep on the way home from dinner. Since it was 6:00 and we wanted him to go to bed tonight, we were mean parents and woke him up!

I am officially tuckered out and am more than ready to sit my butt on the couch, eat my chocolate dome, and watch a movie!

Trick-or-Treat and Sick Kids

Unfortunately Dax started spiking a fever around 4:00 yesterday afternoon.  Then he started telling me his mouth hurt. When I asked him to show me where it hurts he pointed to the back of his mouth by his throat. I feel really bad when my kids get sick but it is so nice that he is finally at an age where he can TELL me what is wrong.  It sure beats trying to guess!

We outfitted Dax with some essential oils and Ibuprofen in hopes that he would feel well enough to go trick-or-treating. Kelly picked up a pizza on his way home from school. Pizza has become a bit of a Halloween tradition for us. I also made a side salad to go with our pizza but neither of us were really in the mood for salad and they ended up back in the fridge.

photo (28)

I did have a few veggies on my pizza so I don’t feel too bad about skipping the salad!

Dax perked up a bit after dinner and was ready to put his pirate costume back on. He didn’t really understand what trick-or-treating was all about but he was excited to try it out!


Our pirate and buzzing bee were excited to go collect some candy!


Since Dax wasn’t feeling well we went out early to collect our candy, in broad daylight! It was a bit slow going at first since a lot of people weren’t home. After a few houses Dax was getting the hang of things and he was REALLY excited. He would knock on the door, say trick-or-treat, and stick his bucket out to collect his candy. Then he would look up and us with HUGE eyes and say, “lets go to the next house!”


We went to about 15 houses before heading home to watch a movie and hand out candy. Our neighborhood has TONS of kids and we passed out 5 bags of candy! I made sure to give away every last bit of candy we bought because it’s too hard to have chocolate in the house and NOT eat it. Don’t worry I ate my fair share of candy last night which is exactly why I had to get rid of it!

Dax got another fever of 103* last night around midnight. He seems to be a bit better this morning but I’m going to keep him home and let him rest today. I was planning on heading to the gym for spinning and yoga this morning but since Dax can’t go to the kid’s club I’ll have to come up with something else.

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!

Big Waffles and Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!

We had a great morning with the kids. Everett woke up first and I brought him into bed with us. I always hear moms talk about cuddling with their kids in their beds. Well let me just tell you, my kids don’t want to cuddle in the morning. They are in attack mode. Everett was climbing all over us and doing lots of body slams! I got up and got all the ingredients out to make pumpkin pancakes in honor of Halloween. Dax woke up and didn’t want pumpkin pancakes but was BEGGING for “big waffles.” Big waffles are just homemade waffles instead of frozen. Since it is a holiday I decided to grant his request.

I substituted 1 cup of the white flour for whole wheat and used coconut oil in place of the vegetable oil in an attempt to make them healthier. I topped my waffle with peanut butter and maple syrup.


These waffles were quite filling and I only ended up eating one with an orange on the side.

Dax got to dress up for preschool this morning and he was SO excited to put on his pirate costume!


He even sat REALLY still so I could paint his face! He is becoming such a big boy.

I still don’t have a costume for Everett. I guess that means no mother of the year award for me!  I am planning on going to the Halloween store before I pickup Dax from preschool to find something for poor little Ev! He got neglected because he doesn’t care/know about Halloween yet!

Everett and I are going to attempt to go for a run. It has been 6 days since I’ve gone running and I’m starting to get anxious. I’m still pretty congested but I’m just going to take it easy and go super slow.  If it ends up being too much I will walk but I really NEED to get outside for some exercise and fresh air! Not to mention, I really miss those endorphins that come after a great run!

Even though I haven’t posted everything I ate today, I’m going to use this as my What I ate Wed. post hosted by Jenn from Peas and Crayons. Check back later and I’ll show you what else I eat today!

Crazy Day!

It has been a crazy day! We had tons of fun playing with our neighbors. The play kitchen was the favorite toy of the day.


I made some Spanish style black beans with cilantro lime rice for lunch. I doubled the recipe thinking I would have enough for lunch tomorrow, but this dish was such a hit we gobbled it all up!


I topped mine with avocado and after this picture was taken I doused it in hot sauce. This kids got a little shredded cheese with theirs.


During nap time I made the cookies for Dax to bring to preschool tomorrow.


As I was assembling these bags I kept wondering why I didn’t just go to Wal-Mart and buy some prepackaged candy to give the kids!?!? I should get mother of the year award for brining something homemade, right?


After our neighbors went home we got busy carving more pumpkins. We didn’t get a chance to carve all 4 pumpkins at the party on Sunday so Dax and I did one this afternoon.


We also took the opportunity to roast some pumpkin seeds.  I rinsed them and then tossed them in a little melted butter and salt. They went into a 300* oven for 45 min. They were delicious!


Don’t worry. Everett only had a couple and I watched him the whole time, making sure he wouldn’t choke!

Kelly is going to play basketball with some friends tonight. I am looking forward to watching the latest episode of Nashville while I eat dinner BY MYSELF.  I love having fun filled days with the kids, but boy do they wear me out! I better start getting my kids ready for bed so I can enjoy some peace and quiet!

Party Hard

This weekend was full of parties. Surprisingly none of the parties we attended involved costumes so you will have to wait till Wednesday to see what the boys are wearing!

I started Saturday morning by taking the boys with me to the gym so I could take a yoga class and Kelly could stay home and get some work done. The Saturday yoga class is 90 minutes long so he was able to get a lot done and makeup for some of the study time he missed while helping me on Friday!

Saturday afternoon we walked next door to attend a birthday party. Our neighbors have 3 boys and their middle son, Ezra, turned 5!



The kids played lots of games including running around and trying to pop balloons that were tied to their feet and building a HUGE spider web with yarn.


Ezra’s Aunt is a cake decorator and made an incredible cake!  It was a big huge snake and it looked SO realistic.


The cake was strawberry with chocolate frosting!  I ate the chocolate frosting and Kelly ate the strawberry cake. Both were delicious.


After the party we walked home and made some delicious tacos. I topped mine with lots of tomatoes, avocado, and hot sauce. I ate the oranges for dessert. This is such a quick and easy dinner and is relatively healthy if you skip the sour cream and cheese. We used ground beef on Saturday but we often use ground turkey and it tastes great too!

Sunday we went to church in the afternoon and came home to the smell of pulled pork warming in the crock pot.


I made a side of green beans and some cheesy garlic toast on a whole wheat bun to go with the pork.

For the garlic toast I spread a little bit of coconut butter on the bun and then sprinkled it with garlic salt and finally topped it with parmesan cheese. The whole thing went under the broiler for 3-5 minutes. Watch them carefully because they burn quickly!

After dinner we went to a pumpkin carving party with some of Kelly’s fellow grad students.


Gutting the pumpkins is the worst part!


Dax started the evening on the couch watching Hocus Pocus with this cute girl!


Everett spend most of the night in this chair working himself into a deep sugar coma. I don’t blame him, the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies were really good.


I had a bite of everything!


I carved Dax’s little pumpkin and spend the rest of my time chasing the kids around.


The boys spent a lot of time with Jack, who was the most well behaved dog I’ve ever seen! Jack let the kids climb all over him and gave them quite a few kisses. Jacks tongue was bigger than Everett’s face so the kisses were pretty hilarious. On our way home from the party Dax said, “I just want to get one dog like Jack. Okay Daddy?!?!”

What are your plans for Halloween?

Pumpkin Walk & What I ate Wednesday

Breakfast yesterday didn’t happen till 8:30 but I grabbed a small bowl of cereal and ate an apple on my way to the gym.


When we got home from the gym at 11:30 I was starving and wanted something quick so I made a banana almond protein shake.


The shake hit the spot and left me full for 3 hours! I was hungry again at 2:30 and made a quick quesadilla with a flat out wrap, black beans and low fat cheddar cheese.  I also had a yellow bell pepper, some grape tomatoes, and guacamole for dipping (not pictured). YUM!


Here in Logan they put on a huge pumpkin walk every Halloween season. It usually only lasts about a week since the carved pumpkins don’t last much longer than that. We had been planning on going Monday but mother nature was being cranky and there was a huge rain storm! We tried again yesterday around 5 and the minute we walked out the door, it started raining, HARD. The kids were already so excited about going so we decided to hit up a covered pumpkin patch instead.

Pumpkin patch collage

We bought one pumpkin for each member of the family from smallest to biggest. After the pumpkin patch it was still raining so we decided to head in and get some dinner. We had some Thai Crunch Quinoa and a salad (not pictured) around 5:30.


Dax was sad and still asking to go to the pumpkin walk. At his point it mother nature had lulled to rain to a light sprinkle. We made the last minute decision to brave the rain. The Logan Pumpkin walk is a very popular event  and there is not enough parking for everyone. We parked at a local elementary school and they had a bus to take us to our final destination. I think Dax was more excited about riding the bus than seeing the pumpkins!

Pumpkin walk

The pumpkin walk was full of different ‘scenes’ that people from around our community created. They carved and painted the pumpkins to look like faces and other items. It was really cool and the boys loved it. The favorite of the night was the Mickey Mouse Olympics scene. I also thought the faces from the Hunger Games scene were the most realistic…it was incredible!

character collage

We also had some fun with these face cutouts before heading back to the bus to go home. We somehow managed to lose a baby shoe on our way back. Everett has a new obsession with taking his shoes off and we didn’t notice it was missing until we got to the car. We looked for it but it was MIA! Bummer.

We made one last stop before going home to put the kids to bed:


Nothing like a little frozen yogurt on a cold night!

Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting WIAW.

Bonfire in the Middle of the Day!

We had so much fun today! When you have young kids with super early bedtimes you learn to plan activities that start late in the afternoon.  We have been wanting to get one more cookout in before the snow comes. So we thought hey, Why can’t we build a bonfire at 4:30 in the afternoon? And build a fire at 4:30 PM we did.


We thought we were in trouble for a minute when we tried to get the fire started and all our wood was wet.  Not to worry, my manly eagle scout of a husband got that thing started in no time! We cooked up some nitrate filled hot dogs for dinner (I would really rather not eat hot dogs but Dax really wanted them so I allowed it this ONE time). At least the ketchup was organic!


The kids did what all little boys do when they’re near dirt and water…they got DIRTY!! We also spent a good amount of time throwing rocks into the water. I will never understand why that activity is so fun for kids…but mine LOVE it.


Just as the sun started going down we whipped out the good stuff!


I ADORE s’mores and made sure to eat 2 of them!  I like to take my time and make sure the marshmallows are perfectly browned but not burnt. I give the burnt ones to Kelly, he likes them that way. We usually bring some Starburst to roast as well but we didn’t have any this time. The Starburst are great if you roast them and then let them cool for 5-10 minutes.  The outside will be crunchy and the inside is warm and gooey.  So good! I tried to roast our Sour Patch Kids but they were not good.


We made sure to get a few family photos before the kids got cranky.


Dax started asking to go home just before the sun went down.  We packed up and made sure to put our fire out. Smokey the bear would be so proud of us!

We were home by 7:15 and the boys got bathes and went straight to bed.

Do you like your marshmallows browned or burnt?