I’m BACK with a New Plan

I’m back after a week long break from the blog. This blog was beginning to take over my life and I was sloughing my other responsibilities so I could blog! NOT good. After some thinking and pondering I’ve decided I still really love blogging and want to continue.  Instead of publishing a post every morning and night I will do one morning post Monday through Friday. This will be my set schedule but I may do a bonus post on occasion! If you have any suggestions or requests for post topics I would LOVE to hear them.

Kelly had 3 days off from school and work for Thanksgiving and I just completely unplugged and focused on my family! It was a glorious break from our usual responsibilities. We drove to Wyoming to spend the holiday with Kelly’s family. Every other year they do a HUGE Thanksgiving dinner with his Dad’s side of the family. photo (4)

Kelly’s Grandma, Pom Pom is 89 years old and we gather as many of her descendents as possible and feast together.


Once we are done eating we put away all the tables and chairs and the REAL fun begins. We play lightning, dodgeball, and volleyball! It is SUCH a fun tradition and I look forward to it every other year.

photo (3)

Before dinner began I participated in the 3rd biannual Gobble Gallop 5k put on by two of Kelly’s awesome cousins. Amy and Trent are great runners and I was honored to participate in this fun tradition for the first time!  Another awesome thing about Amy and Trent? They had 5 children in 3 years with 2 SETS OF TWINS!!! I honestly don’t know how they survive but they are doing an awesome job and seem to be having a lot of fun while doing it.

Speaking of running…After Ragnar I was a bit put off from running  for a few weeks. I think my body just needed to rest. I’ve learned that I am much more motivated to eat healthy and workout if I have a goal to work toward. I’ve been a bit lost since finishing my half marathon. That race was a goal I had wanted to accomplish for a long time and after it was all over I didn’t know where to go from there. I had a few thoughts of training for a Marathon but decided I’m not quite ready for that. I knew I didn’t want to lose my newfound running abilities but I needed something new. After much deliberation I’ve decided to start Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer.


I’m really excited about this new goal and I can’t wait to get started. LiveFit Trainer is a free training and nutrition plan from bodybuilding.com. The plan incorporates lifting heavier weights to add muscle and lean out your body. The program is 12 weeks long and the first 4 weeks call for NO CARDIO.  This is the one part of the program I’m not going to follow. I’ve worked to hard to be able to run and I don’t want to give that up. Phase 1 only includes 4 days a week of training so I’m going to take 2 more days to keep up with my running. I’m also going to try and double up 1 day so I can fit in a 3rd day of running. I’m really excited about this new challenge and I can’t wait to get started.

I’m off to drop Dax off at preschool and then I’m headed to the gym for my first LiveFit workout!

3 thoughts on “I’m BACK with a New Plan

  1. Cool pics as usual Britty!

    Definitely keep running .. at least a couple of times a week to maintain.

    Lifting is great.

    That chick on the cover of the LiveFit ad is too skinny and her boobs too big.

    I’m going to start lifting again after 12/3. My doc ain’t real happy with my sedentary lifestyle. She just doesn’t get it … I thought eating and sleeping were good for me. 🙂

  2. This is SO cool! I just made this same decision this week! 🙂 And I’m also going to keep running 2 or 3 days a week because I pretty much have decided I need it for my mental health! Plus I don’t want to loose my conditioning!
    I am really excited to try the Livefit trainer! My friend did and she LOVED it!

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