Healthy Pasta Salad

I spent almost 2 hours deep cleaning my kitchen this afternoon. When dinner time rolled around, the last thing I wanted to do was make a huge mess! I was craving pasta and lo and behold, when I looked in the cabinet, sitting right next to the pasta was a brand new bottle of Newman’s Own Ceaser dressing. Instantly the idea of pasta salad popped in my head.

I used 100% whole wheat elbow pasta. By the way, many of the pasta brands that claim to be whole wheat are only 50% whole wheat. I always check the label and make sure the ingredients are 100% whole wheat. I only want the good stuff! While the pasta was cooking I chopped a green bell pepper, red onion, and cherry tomatoes.


I prefer to eat this pasta salad cold so I rinsed the pasta with cold water after I drained it. Then I simply combined the pasta, dressing, and veggies together. And voila! You have a colorful, healthy, and delicious pasta salad.


You could easily add some precooked chicken to the salad for a punch of protein. I ate my salad with a few bites of leftover pork from last night’s dinner to round out my meal. For this dish, I only had to clean 1 pot, a cutting board, and a knife. Plus we had plenty of leftovers for lunch tomorrow! Perfection.

The exact measurements for this pasta are:

  • 8 oz. uncooked whole wheat pasta
  • 1 green bell pepper
  • 1/2 red onion
  • 2 cups cherry tomatoes
  • 1/3 cup Newman’s Own Ceaser Dressing

Make this dish, you will LOVE it!

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