Thursday Thoughts

My kids both decided to get up at 5:20AM. I don’t prefer to get up at this hour but at least they BOTH woke up early. Maybe this means they’ll both sleep in tomorrow. We all know this is just wishful thinking. Both kids have their milk and a cup of cheerios and are currently content. I’m sure their happiness will only last as long as the cheerios.


I made the most delicious turkey sandwich yesterday. I generally do my best to eat healthy fats like nuts & nut butters, olive oil, and my favorite, avocados. Yesterday I had a craving for a turkey sandwich with a big slice of cheese and I indulged! I forgot how great deli meat and cheese pair together. This sandwich was completed with some lettuce, tomatoes, and spicy hot mustard. It was epic.


I  had to go out yesterday to pick up a few last minute items in preparation for Ragnar. I really only needed a reflector vest and snacks for the road but, while I was at the sporting goods store, I spotted a really cute running skirt. it is impossible to see something cute and NOT try it on, so into the dressing room I went.Well what do you know, the skirt fits perfectly! I brought this beauty home with me and will be wearing it for one of my 3 runs in Vegas. Yes, I’m breaking the first rule of racing: don’t wear anything new on race day. I fully expect this skirt to ride up and cause lots of chafing. I kid. I’m wearing it for a 3 mile run and don’t foresee having any problems during the 30 minutes I have it on!


Why yes, there is a picture of Ludwig Von Mises on my phone cover. It came free with the phone from my Dad. He is super into politics and homeboy Ludwig is a famous, and super smart economist that my Dad thinks is the bomb dot comb. Don’t be too jealous. We can’t all have super cool phone covers like me!

I’m leaving at lunch time today to head to Las Vegas!!! I’m not sure what the internet situation will be so I don’t know when I’ll be updating the blog. You can follow me on twitter and instagram @bri_red. I plan to update those as much as possible.

Now it’s off to finish my last minute packing!

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