My First Injury

I was SO excited after last nights run! I had planned on doing 6 miles with a few sprints thrown into the mix. About half way through the day I decided I wanted to do a tempo run and see just how fast I could go. I took off around 4:30 this afternoon. I went out and did the first mile in 8:25. This felt comfortably hard. I was breathing heavily but my legs felt great and I felt like I could maintain that speed for a while longer.  Mile 2 was 8:18. I didn’t realize I had picked up the pace but once I finished this mile I was feeling pretty tired so I slowed it down a bit. I ran mile 3 in 8:34. I was able to zone out a bit during this mile and was feeling pretty good. There is something about the half way point that gives me a boost of energy. I’m always excited when I get to start heading back towards home.

Miles 4 (8:14) and 5 (8:06) were tough but I was happy I only had 1 mile left. I was really tempted to walk that last mile since I had pushed so hard for 5 miles. In hindsight, I probably should have walked the last mile. I’ll tell you why in a minute. I just kept thinking, “You only have a mile to go. Don’t be a quitter, push hard and finish strong!” I did just that. I ran my last mile in 8 minutes flat. I was MORE than ready to walk a bit to bring my heart rate back down. I walked about a half mile to get home feeling so proud of what I had just accomplished. I even posted my time on Facebook!


There was not one point during my run where something felt painful or unusual. If that had happened I would have slowed my pace significantly. Once I walked into the house I immediately started stretching since my hamstrings felt a bit tight. This is when I started noticing that my groin was sore. Things only got worse from there and within half an hour I was in a lot of pain! I iced and took some ibuprofen but the pain was not letting up. I text my brother who is running his second marathon this weekend so he knows a thing or two about running. He informed me that groin injuries are good and bad. Good because they usually only need a few days to heal but bad because there is not a lot you can do about it besides rest and ice. 


I held the frozen green beans between my legs while I ate dinner! I had a side salad and a bowl of whole what spaghetti with turkey meat sauce.  Everything was eaten on the couch because it hurt too much to move.

I went through a few hours where it was quite painful. The ibuprofen kicked in and really seemed to help. I was really temped to go to my scheduled spin and yoga class this morning. I have decided to be smart about this injury because I don’t want to risk being out any longer than a few days. I’ve gotten used to getting my daily endorphins and the thought of not being able to workout for weeks on end is devastating. I’m feeling much better this morning but I’m still going to take 2 full days off. No more injuries for me.

My brother thinks my injury came because I did too much speed work too fast. I agree. I probably shouldn’t have done 6 miles at such a fast pace. My normal, easy runs are about 9:45 so this was 1:30 difference. I think I would have been fine if I did a 1 mile warm up followed by 4 miles at race pace with a 1 mile cool down. Lesson learned. I will not be pushing myself TOO hard again. I REALLY don’t want to get injured. I’ve come to love my runs too much!

Have you ever been injured? How did you deal with missing workouts?

2 thoughts on “My First Injury

  1. OH no! I I hope you recover quickly!
    I have thankfully never been injured, but I know I wouldn’t do very well missing workouts. It would make me 100% crazy. I was sick this weekend so I took one day off and I cried.

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