Barbecue Chip Sandwich and a Slow Jog

I did manage to go out for a run this morning but I was SUPER slow. I’m giving myself a break since I’m sick and I was pushing a stroller.


I ran 5 miles while Everett got his morning nap in. The poor little guy has had a rough morning.  I think he was mad at me for not getting him a Halloween costume until today.  Or it could be the fact that he is breaking another molar and he has a cold. Sad smile He did enjoy our run and slept peacefully the whole 50 minutes we were gone. Unfortunately, he woke up as soon as we stopped running and was unhappy when I put him down to try to shower.


Dax brought home a whole goody bag of treats from school today. I took the liberty of eating the popcorn ball since Dax said he didn’t want it and I was starving.

photo (26)

This little ball was quite tasty and made me want to make some myself!

We stopped by the Halloween store after picking Dax up from preschool. The baby costume selection was quite limited. What do I expect when I go to buy a costume ON Halloween?!?! I was happy to find an adorable little Bee costume that is so cute.

photo (27)

“Mommy, I don’t feel good. Stop taking pictures of me and let me eat my banana in peace!”

I got my boys down for their naps and then made myself some lunch. I had a pulled pork sandwich with leftover pork from this dinner. I served my sandwich with a side of carrots and a bag of barbecue chips I found hiding deep in the black whole of my kitchen cabinet.


I ended up paying tribute to my Elementary School days by putting a few chips in my sandwich. Best idea I’ve ever had. The barbecue flavor and extra crunch made this sandwich go from good to out-of-this-world-amazing. You must try it!

My house looks like a bomb went off in it so I must get to cleaning before all the festivities happen tonight! Check back in later tonight for some more photos of the kids in their costumes. Smile

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