Sick-Day Workout

We got another round of sickness in our house.  This time it includes a heavy chest and a lot of coughing. I’m expecting a lot of illness this fall/winter since it’s Dax’s first year in school.  We all need to build up some immunity.

I set my alarm for 5:15AM this morning; I was planning on going to an early morning spin class. That did not happen.  My chest is so tight that I didn’t think it would be a good idea to do so much cardio.  Instead I stayed home and did an easy body-weight workout at home.

Sick-Day Workout

This routine was much lower intensity that my typical circuits but I still felt like I got a workout in. Perfect for this sicky today! After my workout I made a hot bowl of chocolate oatmeal. I left out the whey powder today because I didn’t feel like I needed the extra protein since I will not be as active as normal today.


The neighbor boys are spending the day at our house while their mommy is at the doctor. The boys are SO well behaved and they give me a break by entertaining my kids which allows me to do other things. I still need to get Everett a costume for tomorrow and make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for Dax to bring to preschool tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Sick-Day Workout

  1. I know that Daxy loves playing with “the kids,” but does little Everett also like it??? I heard from mom that the other day when Daxy slept till 4:30 pm, that Everett would take your hand and lead you back to the boys’ room … he wanted his brother to play! So precious.

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