Water and the Happenings!

My brother Chad has Down Syndrome and whenever he recovers from an illness or injury he exclaims, “I’m Back!” So in the words of Chad, “I’m Back!”


I made a big bowl of oatmeal with almond butter, a splash of maple syrup, and lots of peaches.  I used a can of peaches packed in 100% juice. This bowl was delicious and I really enjoyed to change of flavor from the peach.


Kelly and Dax had an awesome time at the basketball game last night. A few stories: After Dax finished his dinner he looked up at Kelly and said, “Okay Daddy, now it’s time for ice cream!” He takes after me when it comes to his sweet tooth. Smile 

photo (24)

During half time Kelly’s friend, Sam came over and brought Dax a small ball he caught from one of the cheerleaders during the game.  Dax was SO excited about this ball and when Sam left Dax said, “I LIKE SAM!”

photo (25)

Every health professional in the world talks about how important it is to drink water. I’ve heard everything from drink 64 ounces a day to drink an ounce for every pound of body weight to just drink to thirst. Regardless of the different amounts we are told to drink, we know we need to drink water, and we need to drink A LOT of it. I have not been great about getting my water in lately. I’ve found that by late afternoon/evening I’m feeling REALLY thirsty and that is when I realize I didn’t drink enough throughout the day. My new plan of attack is to drink a full water bottle during/after my morning workout. Drink another water bottle during each meal and take sips between meals if I’m feeling thirsty. This will be 64-70 ounces of water a day. I like drinking during my meals so this plan will work great for me. If you prefer to get your water in between meals, great! Just make sure you are refilling that water bottle 3 or 4 times everyday and you’ll be golden.


2 thoughts on “Water and the Happenings!

  1. And I LOVE the pic of you and Chad.

    FYI, Chad’s term “I’m back” has its roots in the Disabled List (“DL”) of Major League Baseball. When an injured player goes on the DL, he has to be out for a specified time. At some point, the team announces when a player is officially “back” from the DL (or off of the DL). Chad would get pretty excited when he’s favorite Oakland Athletics players came back from the DL. Chad didn’t get sick much as a kid, but when he did, and once he was feeling better, he would announce, “I’M BACK.”

    One more quick point about Chaddy … it was always very easy to tell when he was sick — he would not want to eat. That’s right, he would voluntarily violate his own hard and fast rule about never, EVER skipping a meal. It only happened about once a year or so and, therefore, it was pretty easy to tell when he was out on the DL and not feeling well.

    Glad you’re back Britty!

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