Basketball and Alone Time

I rested a lot today and took a nice nap with my kids this afternoon.  I’m slowly starting to feel better.

Kelly took Dax out to dinner and then to the first USU basketball game of the season tonight which left Everett and I to fend for ourselves.


We headed to the library and got there right as it was closing. Bummer for us. We made a plan B and headed to the Dollar Store. We perused the isles looking at Christmas decorations and cheep toys. We left the store with a dish scrubber, spearmint gum, and peanut butter m&m’s.

 american-mars-peanut-butter-m-m-s-best-seller-46.2g-v--144-p (source)

I called ahead and ordered a Sweet Pork Salad from Cafe Rio to take home for dinner. I put Everett to bed early and parked myself on the couch with my salad and an episode of Glee. It was heavenly and I enjoyed every moment of alone time. As a stay-at-home mom, it doesn’t happen very often!


I’m really hoping to be able to go for a run tomorrow so I’m headed to bed early. Good night!

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