Pizza and Group-X

I can’t seem to keep my kitchen clean no matter how hard I try. When Kelly got home last night I had just finished cleaning up the mess from breakfast and lunch. The last thing I wanted to do was make another mess by cooking! Kelly suggested we grab a take-and-bake pizza to keep the mess to a minimum. Yes please. Plus, pizza was the perfect food item to have in honor of game 1 of the World Series. Go Giants!IMG_4921

I wanted to use up the last of our salad fixings since they were nearing eat-or-toss status. We each had a side salad followed by thin crust pizza with light cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and mushrooms.  Kelly and the boys had olives as well but those things are gross and I don’t allow them near my food!


Dax has a dairy allergy: it used to be quite severe but nowadays he can have a little dairy as long as its only once every 3-4 days. He LOVED his pizza and had 3 slices!!!


Everett DID NOT like the pizza. He did end up eating the olives but I eventually gave in and let him have a pumpkin muffin. If you look closely on the bottom left of his mouth you can see his new molar popping through!

After we put the boys to bed, Kelly and I snuggled on the couch and watched Modern Family. We made sure to check on the Giants during the commercials! We finished off the night by watching the rest of the game/me falling asleep on the couch. It was really nice to be able to low key night and relax a bit.


I got up early and went to another core board class this morning. It was awesome yet again and I’ve decided to make it a Thursday tradition for a while. I really love it because it works every muscle in the body plus it includes some HIIT (high intensity interval training) which makes my heart rate sky rocket. My neighbor and I are going to hit up a yoga class in a couple of hours as well. I usually workout by myself so I’m excited she’s going to keep me company and I won’t be such a loner!!

Are you a baseball fan? Giants or Tigers?

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

2 thoughts on “Pizza and Group-X

  1. Fun! We had pizza too, but I just made it… Your boys are adorable! I had the opposite problem my older one didn’t want any after the first bite and my 18month old ate 3 slices haha

  2. Daxy is as cute as ever. But poor Everett! I hope grandma doesn’t see that pic. Last night she was looking at Everett Michael’s pics from your blog and she blurted out, “I just want to hold him soooo bad!”
    She still talks about how he wanted her on the hike up Logan Canyon and how he cried when you took him. 🙂

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