Pumpkin Walk & What I ate Wednesday

Breakfast yesterday didn’t happen till 8:30 but I grabbed a small bowl of cereal and ate an apple on my way to the gym.


When we got home from the gym at 11:30 I was starving and wanted something quick so I made a banana almond protein shake.


The shake hit the spot and left me full for 3 hours! I was hungry again at 2:30 and made a quick quesadilla with a flat out wrap, black beans and low fat cheddar cheese.  I also had a yellow bell pepper, some grape tomatoes, and guacamole for dipping (not pictured). YUM!


Here in Logan they put on a huge pumpkin walk every Halloween season. It usually only lasts about a week since the carved pumpkins don’t last much longer than that. We had been planning on going Monday but mother nature was being cranky and there was a huge rain storm! We tried again yesterday around 5 and the minute we walked out the door, it started raining, HARD. The kids were already so excited about going so we decided to hit up a covered pumpkin patch instead.

Pumpkin patch collage

We bought one pumpkin for each member of the family from smallest to biggest. After the pumpkin patch it was still raining so we decided to head in and get some dinner. We had some Thai Crunch Quinoa and a salad (not pictured) around 5:30.


Dax was sad and still asking to go to the pumpkin walk. At his point it mother nature had lulled to rain to a light sprinkle. We made the last minute decision to brave the rain. The Logan Pumpkin walk is a very popular event  and there is not enough parking for everyone. We parked at a local elementary school and they had a bus to take us to our final destination. I think Dax was more excited about riding the bus than seeing the pumpkins!

Pumpkin walk

The pumpkin walk was full of different ‘scenes’ that people from around our community created. They carved and painted the pumpkins to look like faces and other items. It was really cool and the boys loved it. The favorite of the night was the Mickey Mouse Olympics scene. I also thought the faces from the Hunger Games scene were the most realistic…it was incredible!

character collage

We also had some fun with these face cutouts before heading back to the bus to go home. We somehow managed to lose a baby shoe on our way back. Everett has a new obsession with taking his shoes off and we didn’t notice it was missing until we got to the car. We looked for it but it was MIA! Bummer.

We made one last stop before going home to put the kids to bed:


Nothing like a little frozen yogurt on a cold night!

Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting WIAW.

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