Jogging Stroller and Snacks

My running partner (baby Everett) and I did 6.4 miles with this very nice, but not running approved stroller.


It was 34 degrees when we went out this morning and I was SO worried Ev would be cold. I bundled him in his beanie, footed PJ’s and a warm jacket on top of that. He went into the stroller which I outfitted with a JJ Cole Bundle Me. I also draped a blanket along with my puffy north face jacket over the top of the whole thing. I checked on him several times during the run and he was snoozing away the whole time. When we got home and I took him out of the stroller his skin was clammy and warm!  Pretty sure he was just fine, if anything he was too hot. Smile

My good friend was reading my blog and saw that I don’t have a running stroller. She happens to have one that is not currently being used and so kindly offered to let me use it for a while! Thanks Melanie. I picked this baby up today and I can’t wait to take it for a spin!


Here is a photo of my running partner. He has recently gotten really into the train table which is great because Dax has not been playing with it as much. It is better when they play with separate things. They are currently in a full out brawl over a turtle pillow pet! Oh the important things in life.


Hey Mom I thought you might want to know, Everett Michael cut his first molar today! He has 9 teeth now and I’m really hoping he starts sleeping better.


Dax is currently obsessed with sweat pants or comfy pants as he calls them. Everyday when he gets home from preschool he takes his shoes and pants off and then asks me to put on his “comfy pants.” I can’t say I blame him, I usually want to wear my comfy pants all day too!

I remembered today why I never paint my finger nails. It has been less than 48 hours and 7 of 10 fingernails look horrible.


I got hungry before I started this post so I decided to bust out my new Roasted Pine Nut Hummus.  It gets a 9 out of 10 in my book. It has TONS of flavor so a little goes a long way. I downed an entire bell pepper and dipped every piece in some of this deliciousness! I’m the only one in our house who eats hummus and I’m sure I’ll have no problem topping this baby off all on my own.


What is your favorite snack right now?

10 thoughts on “Jogging Stroller and Snacks

  1. Great pics of the little boys.

    Btw, girls don’t “chug” liquids. And they don’t “down” their food. 🙂

    Let me know when you get the iPhone 4.

  2. That’s great about the new stroller! Awesome! I love peppers and hummus! My favorite snack right now is my ‘power balls’ that I made. They are made of peanut butter, coconut, raisins, apricots, walnuts, pecans, almonds, oats, chia seeds, flax seeds and shredded carrots. SO tasty and healthy!!

  3. I’m so glad he cut his molar. It has been said if adults had to cut teeth we would complain profusely. I love the pic of him playing. He is growing up so fast. Dax is truly a big boy. I love that he wants to wear “comfy pants”. I laughs when I hear him say big boy things. All 4 grandsons bring dad and I such joy.

  4. oh my GOSH!! seriously, i think u deserve a credit of 12 miles for that one u did with a regular stroller…that blows my mind! u seriously will feel like u dropped about 20 tons of bricks with that new stroller, wat an awesome friend! 🙂

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