Healthy Lifestyle Lust List

Since embarking on my health and fitness journey, I have been lusting after a few things I wanted to share with you.  If money were no object I would go out tomorrow and buy all these things.

1.Bob Revolution Duallie Stroller

This is the Cadillac of jogging strollers and it come with a heft price tag: $489. I had the Bob Revolution Single stroller back when I only had one child and I loved it.  I wasn’t into running then and only used it for walking.  When I got pregnant I decided to sell it to help fund our double stroller.  I went with the Baby Jogger City Select which is an awesome stroller. It is perfect for walking around town, shopping, and running errands but it is not meant to be used while running. Ideally I would keep my City Select in the car to use for errands and get a Bob to keep in the garage for running.

2. Vitamix

You can literally grind grain to make flour with this thing. It will make ice cream and juice.  My mom has one and when we lived with her this summer I used it all the time.  Spinach smoothies are awesome when made in one of these because it grinds the spinach so smooth (never any leaf chunks). With a $449 price tag, we will not be getting a Vitamix anytime soon!

3. Garmin Forerunner 610

garmin 610

This watch is a runners best friend. It has a touch screen and will accurately give you distance, pace, GPS position, and calories burned during a run.  No more mapping out a route before leaving the house.  You can just run wherever you legs take you and your watch will tell you how far you’ve gone. This would also be great for speed work so I could know exactly how fast I’m running during my sprints. These watches are NOT cheap, $349.99, I would probably have to sell a kidney to afford a Garmin Forerunner 610!

4. Women’s Nightlife LSD Lite Jacket III


I’ve had my eye on this jacket for quite a while.  It is perfect for keeping out wind and rain. The BEST thing about this jacket is that it was specifically designed to make a runner more visible when running in the dark.
And it’s SO cute.  This item comes in at $85. I might be able to convince Kelly to get this as a Christmas gift this year!

What is on YOUR lust list right now?

3 thoughts on “Healthy Lifestyle Lust List

  1. I definitely want a Garmin! And trail running shoes, a hydration belt that isn’t annoying, and an unlimited fund to enter races 🙂 I hope you get the jacket for Christmas!

  2. I got the garmin 210 and it is simple but still has everything you need. I’ve heard the touch screen is annoying while running. The 210 uses the GPS and does pacing, distance, heart rate (if you get the monitor) and calories. I found a deal and it was only $150 new. Then you would only have to sell part if your kidney

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