Running with a Baby

Today has been a great day!  I didn’t quite make it for my sunrise run this morning. Everett was up a few times in the night so I opted to sleep an extra hour instead of running. We got Dax fed and dressed for preschool and completed his outfit with Lightning McQueen rain boots.  No it was not raining today.


When Everett and I arrived home I was really craving a run.  I hadn’t called ahead to the gym for daycare and it was during peak hours so I knew they would be full.  I don’t technically have a jogging stroller; I have a Baby Jogger City Select. It’s not actually made for running but more for walking around a city. It does have the option to lock the front wheels so I decided we would give it a try. After putting 45 layers of clothes on Ev, we headed out.


Does he look warm enough to you?

The run was SO awesome. We ended up going 7 miles together and I never heard a peep out of Everett.  In fact, he took his morning nap in the stroller while I ran my heart out. The stroller felt great and I didn’t have any problems running with it.

I am so excited that I now have the option to run with the kids instead of at the crack of dawn before Kelly leaves for work! I really enjoyed having Ev with me even though he didn’t say anything. Smile This may become a new Monday, Wednesday, Friday tradition while Dax is in school.

I was feeling lazy after making and cleaning up lunch for the boys. We happened to have a CPK Barbeque Chicken Pizza that was calling my name from the freezer. I threw that baby in the oven and snacked on a side salad while I waited for it to cook.


The salad was delicious and since I ate so many veggies I didn’t feel at all guilty for having a few slices of pizza. Ok, Ok I had more than a few slices!  I ate half the pizza.  There I said it. #sorryimnotsorry


Do you ever buy frozen pizza?  If so, what is your favorite kind?

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