One of THOSE moms

I was one of THOSE moms in the grocery store today.  You know what I’m talking about.  The mom who is shopping with a SCREAMING child that she is completely ignoring. Before I had kids I would this happening and judge.  Why doesn’t she take some time to calm her child down? She must NEVER discipline her kids. YOU’RE the parent, get control of that kid!


(This is not my kids but a pretty accurate picture of what he looked like at the store today.)

Oh how the tides have turned! I now realize that sometimes no amount of discipline and consistency can calm the 3-year-olds temper tantrum. I thought about threatening to leave but I was there to pick up a few things to make lunch for my friend. She had chemotherapy today and I couldn’t let her down. We were in the store a total of 23 minutes and Dax was screaming for 21 of the 23 minutes. It was horrible.

dax videos 041

Dax has been a hard child to raise since the day we brought him home from the hospital. He was colicky and 3 years later he hasn’t grown out of it.  My dad has compared raising him to owning an exotic sports car. It is SO awesome and you love it like crazy but it is anything but low maintenance!

Once Kelly got home from work and school today I had met my patience quota for the day and was about to completely LOSE my cool. Being the wonderful husband and father that he is, Kelly sent me to our room and told me to relax while he took the kids for the night. I got in a HOT bath and read for over an hour and it was heavenly. Just what I needed. I got out just in time to watch the presidential debate while eating my dinner. I made a huge salad with tons of baby greens, quinoa, mushrooms, tomatoes, avocado, and feta cheese. YUM.


Yes. I make my salads in a pie tin.  It is the perfect size.

It has been a long day and I am more than ready for a fresh start tomorrow. I’m planning on starting my day with a run while I watch the sunrise. It’s going to be good!

What is your favorite way to start the day?

2 thoughts on “One of THOSE moms

  1. Poor Daxy. Did he just have a rough day … or is he not feeling well?

    Or is he still mad that the Chargers blew one of the biggest leads in the history of Monday Night Football?

    Or could Daxy have been upset because last night he was forced to wear a Chargers jersey instead of his favorite Oakland Raiders jersey? 🙂

  2. I have a child that was higher maintenance than usual (I now know this is not the norm as I have three kids now). I too noticed from the pregnancy to the day he was born to the end of the first week. I thought it was my parenting but figured out he was just more demanding. He finally grew out of some of it when he went into kindergarten. (Don’t worry it goes quickly). I still can’t really take him to the stores or run errands and he is now 12. The only difference now is I don’t have to leave the store leaving behind cart full of groceries while carrying a kicking and screaming toddler out to the car with two younger children in tow. He is a great kid with a big personality and I love him greatly but he will always test me. As he was getting older I found books about “strong willed children” and cried when I found out it was not me doing something wrong but he just needed disciplined and cared for differently. These are the kids that are shown to go on later in life to do great things… every time we have an incident or bad day I tell myself “he will put all of this energy and will power into being successful later in life”.

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