Fun Mail

I started my morning with a slow and easy 3 mile run.  I’m still struggling with deciding if I should eat before my early morning workouts or not. Yesterday I didn’t eat before my workout and I was fine but this morning I was feeling hungry and week during my run. I can’t seem to figure it out.

When I got home I chugged a huge glass of water and was feeling a bit better. I followed the water up with a a big bowl of Double Chocolate Protein Oatmeal. It is cold this morning so the warm oats really hit the spot.  Plus, who doesn’t love a good dose of chocolate to start the day?


I hit the jackpot in the mail yesterday!!!


When I signed up for my Half Marathon I got roped into 3 free magazine subscriptions. They are 3 month subscriptions that I will have to cancel if I don’t want to be charged for another year. I was so excited to get these yesterday. Usually the mail is full of bills and ads so you can imagine my surprise when I saw not 1 or 2 but 4 magazines yesterday.  It felt like Christmas or my Birthday!I now have plenty of reading material for my treadmill workouts . I already read Women’s Health because I love Hayden Panettiere. Has anyone watched her new show Nashville?  I have been meaning to watch but haven’t gotten to it yet.  Maybe I will during lunchtime today.

I have a busy day today. I’m taking the kids with me to the gym for a yoga class at 10. After yoga I have to hurry home to make lunch for my cute friend and neighbor who is having her 4th chemo treatment today. I also need to clean, meal plan, grocery shop, and do laundry.Not to mention my most important job of playing with, feeding, and cleaning my children! Like I said, I’m going to be working non-stop today. Better get to it!

What is on your to-do list today?

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