5 Things

I feel like I’m constantly reading on health/fitness blogs that we shouldn’t worry about what our bodies look like. We need to focus on disease prevention, having more energy, and overall health. While I agree those things are important, I know for a fact the number one motivation for most people to eat healthy and exercise is because they want to LOOK GOOD. Me included. I recently wrote a post about thanking our bodies for all the miraculous things it does for us. In that post I talked about how self worth does not come from our appearance. This is SO true but, it does not mean that it is wrong to want to put your best foot forward by looking YOUR BEST. I am motivated to eat healthy and workout by a variety of things but when I’m having a hard time getting to the gym in the morning the thing that forces me out the door is knowing my sweat session will keep me wearing my skinny jeans! No shame.


Lately I have been wanting to get a dog so bad. The Big One LOVES dogs and talks about them all the time. Whenever I picture active families I always imagine them having a dog. These families take their dogs on hikes, runs, to the park, and swimming. Whenever we take our kids hiking I feel like we need a dog to join in the fun with us! Also, dogs are great for teaching kids responsibility.  Dax is only 3 but I still think it would be good for him to help feed the dog and clean up after it. Plus, I’m afraid of the dark and it would be nice to have a dog to protect me during those early morning runs in the dark! Not to mention, how cute is this little guy!?!?


I have cleaned my kitchen floor 850000000000 times this week and I’m sick of it.  I think I’m going to boycott sweeping and mopping for a week and see just how dirty the floor can get!


I am really excited because tonight I am going to see a movie with a great friend of mine.  I haven’t seen a chick flick in a long time and I am seriously in need of some girl time! I’ve heard good things about this movie…hopefully they are true.

3 DAYS UNTIL MY HALF MARATHON!!!!!!!!!!! My stomach is in knots as I write this. The anticipation is killing me.

What are some random things on your mind today?

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