Daxton’s First Trip to the Dentist

Daxton’s dentist appointment went MUCH better than I expected! He didn’t shed a single tear.  He was a VERY brave boy.


He was all smiles during the x-ray portion! The office I took him to was a pediatric dental office and they were wonderful. The hygienist was making him laugh and opted not to take x-rays of his molars,instead she only x-rayed his front teeth. She didn’t want to gag him with those little x-ray doohicky’s they shove down your throat. His front teeth looked great so it wasn’t necessary to take pictures of the back.


The dentist was kind and really put Dax at ease. He was a bit skeptical about laying on the dental chair but once he got settled in he was fine. Notice the earphones?  He was watching The Lorax on the ceiling.


Dr. Daren made sure to show Dax all the instruments he used before he put them in his mouth. We were the only one’s in the office and it was very child proof so Everett was allowed to roam around!  This was great because I was able to stay with Dax and didn’t have to worry about Ev destroying the office!

Overall it was a very positive experience. We were in the office for a grand total of 20 minutes and Dax walked out with a goodie bag and a smile on his face. Success! He even mentioned wanting to go back to the dentist again. I wish I felt the same. I loathe the dentist.

We darted over to yoga after our appointment (I was 10 minutes late) and then headed home for some lunch.  I enjoyed last nights pizza so much I decided to make another one for lunch today.


I spent the rest of the day cleaning. My kids have been major mess makers lately. They create a trail of chaos wherever they go and I can’t seem to keep up! Maybe I should just stop trying. Smile

How do you feel about dental visits? Do you go every 6 months?

3 thoughts on “Daxton’s First Trip to the Dentist

  1. I didn’t even know that dentist appointments were supposed to be every 6 mos! As a kid I typically went to child dentists, and once for some reason I had to see an adult dentist. I remember that he asked me to open my mouth, but I didn’t hear him, so he just wrenched it open. I was super offended! He was mean!

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