Funny Story Friday and a New Workout

I got my workout in early this morning so we could celebrate The Big One’s Birthday the rest of the day.  I did a 10 minute warm up on the elliptical.  I skipped the treadmill since my knees have been bothering me a bit.  I don’t want to get injured a week before my big race. After my warm up I headed into the weight room and completed 4 circuits. Each circuit had one lower body move, one upper body, and one intense cardio move.  This was a great workout and will have you shedding calories the entire time! It took me about 45 minutes to complete all 4 circuits.


We have had a great day celebrating!  The Big One was so excited to take his cupcakes to preschool and they were a hit!  He came out of school wearing a big hat and a huge smile today. I was told most kids wear their birthday hat for a few minutes and eventually take it off. Not my kid, he wore it the entire 3 hours of preschool.

photo (11)

We let him pick where he wanted to go to lunch and he chose “the rice and beans store.” He got a side of rice and black beans and a cup of lemonade.  We have been eating out a lot lately so I tried to make my lunch as healthy as possible. I got a small pork salad with no dressing, chips, or cheese.  It was still fantastic!

photo (10)

After lunch we came home and opened presents.  He was so excited about all his new toys, games, and books but he especially loved his new Aggie sweatpants. He even put them on for nap time!


Funny Story:

I have one the best best friends in the world, her name is Ashley and I’m serious when I say she is awesome. We have been BFF’s since first grade when I told a boy she had a crush on him and she wrote that she hated me in her diary!  Funny story:

A couple Summers ago Ashley and I decided to head over to a friends house to go swimming. Ashley, being the great friend she is, came to my house first to help me get ready. I was 8 months pregnant and The Big One was not even 2. I asked if she wouldn’t mind putting The Big One’s swim diaper and bathing suit on while I got my suit on.

Ashley got The Big One undressed and took his diaper off, when she randomly decided she needed to use the Ladies Room. The next thing I know Ashley walks into my room staring at her hand like she was holding a bomb and said, “your child just handed me a piece of poop!” Apparently while she was in the bathroom, The Big One had pooped on the floor and was trying to clean up his mess.  He picked his poop up and handed it to Ashley saying, “POOP!” He was so proud of himself. Ashley decided to come show me, to prove that it really happened, before disposing of the poop. I think we laughed for a good 20 minutes about that one.

I told you she is awesome, she doesn’t even have kids and she didn’t totally spaz about being handed a piece of poop! Pretty sure I would have FREAKED OUT and he is my kid.  Love that girl.

(All my besties from High School!)

Do you have any funny stories to share?

What is your favorite thing to eat at a Mexican Restaurant?

One thought on “Funny Story Friday and a New Workout

  1. We’ve shared just about everything in life so why not share Dax’s poop? I love that boy and his brother because you, my BFF, make incredible kids! I love you and hope to return the gift of baby poop in your hand one day:)

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