Running Unplugged

Last night I went out for a run completely unplugged.  No phone, iPod, watch or pacing device of any kind.  Just me and my thoughts.  It was amazing.  I ran 5 glorious miles (I only know how far I ran because I have run the route before) and I have no idea how fast I went or how long it took me!  It was so nice to watch the sunset and run with complete peace and quiet, besides the noises of traffic.  My run went by so fast and I have decided I need to have more runs like that.

I was reminded of why I’ve been running and how far I have come. Some of the things I thought about during last nights run were:

  • It absolutely amazes me that my legs and heart can run 5 miles like its not a thing. When I decided to go for my first run 6 months ago I went for 3 miles of sheer agony. I was thinking, “how in the world can people actually ENJOY this?” I was exhausted and felt like my legs could not handle one more step. But something miraculous happened, when I got home I was SO proud of myself. I had just run 3 miles without stopping, and to me, that was a major accomplishment.
  • I need to invest in a reflector vest, a head lamp, and a pit bull (or at least some pepper spray) if I want to continue to run in the dark. Safety first.
  • My family ROCKS. My kids are so darn cute and well behaved (it must have been the endorphins thinking for me!). You don’t get a better husband or father than Kelly.  He was more than happy to clean up dinner and put the kids to bed so I could be out here doing this run.

IMG_4646Ev 6 mos, dax 2.5 007

He was trying to grab the camera as I took this photo!

  • Kelly told me I shouldn’t have paid $80 to run 13.1 miles.  He and the boys would be more than happy to follow me in the car and cheer me on while I run! He was joking (partially) and when I thought of this last night I almost laughed out loud picturing him saying it.
  • I am READY for my half marathon in 10 days. I set a goal, figured out how I was going to accomplish and and actually FOLLOWED THROUGH. Go me!

4 thoughts on “Running Unplugged

  1. Can’t wait to hear all about your 1/2! I hope your husband takes pictures!! 🙂
    I went for a 3 mile run tonight and I was thinking some of your very same thoughts! In January I couldn’t run 100 yards, and now I can do a 3 miler and feel ready for more. Our bodies are amazing!!
    Good luck on the 1/2!!

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