Munchkin Meals

Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life started a new tradition of documenting what our kids eat in a day. I’m a little skeptical to do this because I have a VERY picky 2-year-old.  He’s boring and absolutely REFUSES to eat fruits and veggies. Also, his meals don’t tend to look super appetizing. He’s messy. I wish I could say that I am the perfect mother and both my children eat Brussel sprouts and lima beans everyday.  To be honest it is a struggle to get them to eat at all. I am pretty sensitive about the subject because I often feel judged as though my child’s refusal to eat veggies is a reflection on my parenting. If they will take a bite and just TRY something new, I call that a victory! I wrote about my philosophy with kids and eating HERE.

I decided to be honest and post this anyway and maybe someone will tell me I’m not the only one with picky eaters.


Usually Cascadian Farms Multi-Grain Squares with almond milk for The Big One and whole milk for The Little One. They were both offered a banana. The Little One ate his, The Big One did not.




This varies.  The favorites are PB&J (made on Ezekiel bread with natural PB and low sugar organic jelly), turkey hot dogs, black beans with apple sauce,  and whole wheat pasta with red sauce. Today was a turkey hot dog with apple sauce for The Big One and leftover homemade mac & cheese with peas for The Little One.



He ate about 3 bites of this before signing “all done.”


I make one thing for dinner for the whole family and adapt it as best I can for the kids. Tonight I made Mexican food. Brown rice, black beans, fajita veggies, and Ezekiel tortillas. We were all allowed to eat it however we liked. The Big One had a quesadilla and The Little One had a bowl of rice and beans.




For snacks the kids usually eat dry cereal, muffins, yogurt, apple sauce or bananas. I do my best to keep them away from unhealthy foods but I never force them to eat anything!

3 thoughts on “Munchkin Meals

  1. I totally understand!! My daughter is now 2 1/2, and she was the best eater up until this last 6 months or so….now she’s suddenly really picky with vegetables, and I struggle to get them in her every day. She still loves frozen peas and sweet potatoes, but she knows she now has the power to choose what goes in her mouth. 🙂 Looks like you’re doing an awesome job! I’m happy to connect with another runner, too. 🙂

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