Grateful for My Kids

The Little One didn’t sleep well and was up 3 or 4 times last night. My husband went in to him a few times to calm him down and when it was my turn to go comfort my baby I was overcome with a rush of emotions. Maybe it was the extreme fatigue, but I was so grateful to be sitting in the dark, quiet room rocking my little boy.  He is 14 months old and growing up so fast.  The baby stage is almost completely over and I cannot explain how happy I was to feel needed.  My little guy was sad and all he wanted was a hug to make him feel better. It was so easy to cuddle him and make all his problems go away and I completely fear the day when that will no longer be enough. But for now, I cherish those quiet moments I get with my kids that make all the hard times worth it!

Everett 018

This is The Little One and I on the day we were leaving the hospital 14 months ago.

In other news, I am watching my neighbors kids this morning so my workout will have to be postponed until tonight. I am planning on going for a run and then heading to a yoga class after we put the kids to bed. Since we have a house full of 4 boys under the age of 4, I decided to make breakfast super easy this morning and we all had cold cereal with milk and a side of berries.

These Cascadian Farms Multi Grain Squares are our current obsession. In fact we ran out of them over the weekend and Kelly went out at 10:30 last night to get more because mornings without this cereal are not pleasant. The boys simply cannot understand how we could run out of their beloved “Chex”, as they call them!

There is currently a fight erupting in the other room over who gets to play with Thomas the Train. I better sign off! I’ll catch you all this afternoon.

Do you ever wish you could go back in time a few hours and relive something?

  • I would love to be able to hold my babies again when they were only hours old.

One thought on “Grateful for My Kids

  1. that’s to funny… So at first I thought you were talking about a new baby that you just had.. I was like WHAT?? did I miss something hahahha those are sweet moments for sure!! MISS YA!!!

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