Aggie Team Party!

Whenever I asked the Big One what kind of Birthday party he wanted he switched back and forth from Lightening McQueen to “Aggie Team!” That is what he calls the USU Football team.  Since there was a game this weekend I decided to go with the Aggie theme and follow the party up with a live college Football game!

Since we are poor grad students we decided to keep it low key and just invite family.  His grandparents, an aunt and uncle, and 4 cousins came!  It was the perfect number and so much fun.


After all the guests arrived we dug into lunch because everyone was starving! Hungry kids are NOT fun. We had salad, apple slices, 7-layer dip with tortilla chips, and Pizza Hut Pizza!

When lunch was over the kids all ran around the yard and played while I set up the obstacle course. Most of the kids were very young so we did easy obstacles like rolling across a yoga mat, throwing a football through a hoola hoop, jumping across the lawn and a 3 legged race!



I had a few other activities planned but the kids were having so much fun playing in the yard I just let them be!

Awhile later The Big One opened his presents. Gift opening at kids birthday parties always makes me claustrophobic. The kids can’t help but crowd the Birthday Boy to see what he got!


Next was cake and ice cream.  It was a windy day so we had a hard time getting the candles lit! Once we got it, we sang Happy Birthday super fast and the Birthday Boy, and the wind, blew out his candles!


Clearly, I am not a professional cake decorator! Luckily, 3 year olds don’t care what the cake looks like.


We had to have some chocolate too!



The weather was perfect and The Big One had a GREAT time which was all that mattered to me!  He is still talking about his “Aggie Team” Birthday Party with his cousins.



We cleaned up and headed to the Football game.  It was homecoming and the student body planned white-out. Nearly every person in the Stadium had white shirts on.  It was awesome!

photo (9)

The game was tons of fun but with all the activities going on The Little One didn’t nap all day and he was DONE.  We headed home at half time, put the kids to bed, and watched the rest of the game on TV. We smoked UNLV, btw!!!

It was truly a wonderful day and I can’t believe I have a 3 year old!!! A big thanks to Kelly’s family for making the 2 hour drive to come to the party!

3 thoughts on “Aggie Team Party!

  1. The pictures were FANTASTIC! It looks like Daxy had a great time as he was grinning and laughing in every picture.
    I’m assuming that Everett Michael didn’t have a shirt on because he got a little messy eating his cake! 🙂

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