I just couldn’t do it

I’m not feeling the love this morning.  I’m lethargic and lazy so I skipped my scheduled 5 mile run.  I know this is a horrible idea since I’ve eaten TONS of yummy food these past few days, but I just couldn’t get myself out the door this morning. I almost always end up feeling guilty when I miss a workout and I hate that feeling! Maybe I will head out tonight after Kelly gets home from work and school.

I got up and played with the boys for a while and then I moseyed into the kitchen and grabbed a banana and a bowl of frosted mini wheats. This is definitely not the breakfast of champions since there was no protein in sight, but it also wasn’t the worst thing I could have eaten! We are completely out of oatmeal which is really throwing me for a loop since I crave oatmeal almost every morning! You better believe I will be buying 10 pounds of oats today so we never run out again!


(source)                                                                                     (source)

Lucky for me I am still going to get some sort of exercise in today since I’m going to yoga in a few hours.  Hopefully yoga will get me out of my funk because I have 2 job interviews this afternoon! Nothing too big but I decided I might want to be a server at a restaurant for a few months while Kelly finishes school. That will really put my college degree to good use! Smile

I’m pretty nervous since I haven’t had a job in 3 years. I don’t even remember the last job interview I had. I’m really praying I don’t say something completely stupid.

Do you ever get lazy and skip a scheduled workout?

When was your last job interview?

3 thoughts on “I just couldn’t do it

  1. Dear Ms. Barries&Barbells,
    On days when you don’t feel like running, at least put your running shoes on. After you do that, just tell yourself that you’re just going to walk outside for a few mins. Once you do that, you’ll probably get bored and then just tell yourself that you’ll jog slowly for a few mins. At that point, you’ll be running.
    The hardest part of running is taking that first step.

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