Logan Canyon Hike and Dinner at Rumbi

After we took The Big One to preschool this morning my mom and I decided to go on a hike.  We were debating weather to go hiking or take a spin class and boy am I glad we decided on the hike.  The views were spectacular! The colors are starting to change and it was truly magnificent. We enjoyed being outside listening to the river running, smelling the trees and flowers, and breathing in the fresh mountain air. It was a nice change from the smelly gym!


Aren’t the colors amazing?


The Little One started out in a backpack but he was very unhappy so we took turns carrying him. When I put him on my shoulders he kept leaning down to kiss my cheek.  It was quite possibly the cutest thing he has ever done.  I loved every minute of it!



I know I have mentioned it like 10 times but we had a great time with my mom.  She left about an hour ago and we miss her already. The kids will miss being spoiled rotten and I’m going to spending the next few days bringing them back to reality.


I DO NOT buy them massive lollipops to eat when we run errands.


I also don’t buy them toys every time we go to Walmart.  I don’t pick them up when they throw fits and I don’t let them watch TV every time they ask.  We have quite a few habits to break but Grandmas are supposed to spoil their grandkids and give in to all their desires!

We grabbed a bite to eat at Rumbi before dropping my mom off to catch the bus to the airport. I ordered a salad with chicken, mangoes, red peppers, and bleu cheese.


We enjoyed our dinner out on the patio and while eating, spotted a twizle berry. I bribed The Big One and told him if he ate his broccoli I would get him a cup of sorbet. To my absolute SHOCK, he ate his broccoli! Since we were in the store and it happened to be free waffle bowl day, I decided to have some too. I mean, I couldn’t exactly pass up free waffle bowl day!


After 3 days of constant eating out, I am MORE than ready to get back to my healthy eating habits.  It’s a good thing my mom only comes to visit every once in a while!

What toppings do you put on your frozen yogurt?

  • I am all about the chocolate.  No fruit on my yogurt!

What are your feelings on hiking? Love it or is it not for you?

2 thoughts on “Logan Canyon Hike and Dinner at Rumbi

  1. I’m pretty sure that the pic of The Little One kissing you is one of my all time favorites:) Glad you all had fun with Grandma!

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