Go Go Go

I have a feeling the next three days are going to be go go go!  My mom and I are all about cramming everything we can in a short amount of time. After my workout this morning I quickly showered and got ready and we headed out!  We dropped the big one off at preschool and took The Little One with us to TJ Maxx.  I hit the jackpot and found some cute cold weather workout gear and a new sports bra that I love! 

Next we went to the At&t store to finally get my phone working.  I’m using a replacement for now until my Dad gets his iPhone 5 and sends me his old phone. By the time we were done it was time to pick up The Big One from preschool and grab some lunch.  We went to Café Rio and got Pork Salads.  Café Rio pork salad is by far one of my favorite meals ever!! We brought our food home because I was bringing lunch back to my neighbor. 


The kids are napping and we are recharging our batteries so we can head out again when the kids wake up.  The Big One has been asking to go to the store to pick out a toy with his Grandma.  It is their little tradition to go to the toy store together so he can pick out a prize.  Grandma definitely spoils us when she comes to visit!

Kelly and I are super excited to have a night out without the kids.  Guess what we’re going to do?  Go shopping for The Big Ones birthday presents, then to dinner and a movie! We really live life on the wild side Smile

Seen any good movies lately?

Do you ever find good stuff at discount stores like TJ Maxx?

Show me some comment love!

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