My Workout Schedule

Today for lunch I used leftover beans and chicken from dinner and wrapped them in an Ezekiel tortilla to make a delicious burrito.  I served the burrito with a side salad and some Greek yogurt with strawberries.  I can already tell this meal is going to keep me full for quite a few hours! By the way, for the beans I used this recipe from Gina @ and I’ve already made them twice. They’re that good.


I’ve decided to share my workout schedule with everyone this afternoon. Many of you already know I’m currently training for my first ever half marathon.  I will be competing in the 1st annual Utah Marathon and Fittest State Festival in 22 days!  I have been training for this race for about 4 months and I could not be more excited to finally put a check mark next to this goal.  6 months ago I couldn’t even run a mile without stopping and I am about to attempt to do 13.1.  It is incredible what our bodies are capable of.

I workout 6 days a week, taking a full rest day on Sundays. My weekly workouts usually include: 3-4 runs, 3 strength training sessions, 2-3 yoga classes, and 1 spin class.

This is what my week typically looks like:

Monday – 3 miles: intervals on the treadmill, total body strength training like this.

Tuesday – 6 mile run, yoga class

Wednesday – spin class, 20 minute upper or lower body weights (I alternate each week)

Thursday – 4 mile tempo run, yoga class

Friday – Total Body Circuit like this.

Saturday – long run, this week will be 11 miles

Sunday – REST

Exercise is a crucial part of my day.  I love being able to sweat it out at least once a day.  It makes me feel good about myself and keeps my body healthy and strong.  I have the energy to throw my kids in the air and run around the park with them. Workouts are a great way to jump start a productive day; I get more done on the days I workout vs. my non-workout days.

I get up early and do my runs before Kelly leaves for the day.  The rest of my workouts are done at the gym.  My gym has an awesome kids club that my boys LOVE going to.  It’s a win win for everyone.  The kids love to go play and I get to take my time with my workouts.

So there you have it.  My weekly workout schedule.

How do you fit exercise into your day?

Do you workout at a gym or at home?

Show me some comment love!

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