Hungry Run

I had a 6 mile run scheduled for this morning.  When the alarm went off I was feeling great so I threw on my running clothes, drank a big glass of water and headed out. The first mile felt awesome.  I turned on the 90’s pop station on Pandora and was rocking out to my old favorites like Oasis, N’sync, and backstreet boys!  Even though I hadn’t heard most of those songs in 10 years, I still remembered all the words and sang along the whole time. By mile 3 I started slowing down but I was still feeling okay.  At mile 4 I was starving and my stomach was growling out loud! I managed to knock out the last 2 miles but they were super slow and I was seriously out of fuel.  Note to self, even if your not hungry, you need to eat something before you run, especially if it’s going to be more than a few miles. Lesson learned.

As I approached my house after my run I smelled bacon.  I was thinking, “PLEASE let that smell be coming from my house!!!”  It was my lucky day.  Kelly was making bacon and eggs just in time for me to make a Healthy Egg McMuffin and stuff my face.  I had a Whole Wheat English Muffin with a wedge of laughing cow spreadable cheese, 2 slices of bacon, and some scrambled eggs.  It was seriously the!


I am so glad I did my grocery shopping last night after dinner.  My fridge is full of delicious produce and these strawberries complemented my Egg McMuffin perfectly. There is nothing better than a fridge full of healthy choices to supply every craving I might have.

Do you eat before a morning workout?

What is your feeling on 90’s pop music?

3 thoughts on “Hungry Run

  1. I’ve seen articles where the writer makes the argument that you Should run on an empty stomach if you are training for long distances. The basic theory is that you teach your body to tap into your fat storage sooner. If you eat before a run you just burn off the glucose you just took in. I don’t know if I really believe the theory but running a few miles and then eating throughout the run works for me. You get the energy you need and you really should let your stomach adapt to eating while running. 90’s boy bands suck!

  2. loving your blog britt!! um i am all about the 90s pandora station!! you inspire me to be healthy…haha…i need to be better about it. but i can’t run!!! i always try but i kinda hate it. maybe someday.

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