Trail Run

I absolutely prefer to get my workouts done early.  Most of the time I get out of bed and head out for a run or to the gym.  As I said earlier, this morning I was being lazy and slept in and therefore, I missed my scheduled 4 mile run. This evening, I decided to take the family to the canyon and do my 4 miles on the trail! The trail is mostly shaded so I figured it would be cooler than running in my neighborhood…and MUCH more scenic. Daddy and the boys played in the dirt and rocks while I ran.  I have never run on a hiking trail before and let me tell you, it is tough.  Obviously, the first half of my run was completely uphill. I was running uber slow but was determined not to walk.  I made it up 2 miles and was very excited when I got to turn around and run down. I enjoyed my surroundings much more on the way back. Smile  It was gorgeous and an awesome workout. 


Dinner tonight was the best one I’ve had in a long time because I didn’t have to make it.  When we got home from running in the canyon Kelly offered to make dinner while I showered with The Little One!  He very rarely cooks and he only knows how to make two things but I was more than grateful for the break. As soon as I got out of the shower I knew he chose to make tacos because they smelled amazing. I added a side of green beans and grapes to mine. They tasted great after my hard workout.



Does your significant other cook?

Do you prefer running on pavement or dirt?

Show me some comment love!

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