Total Body Circuit Workout

I woke up this morning to the sound of The Big One screaming from his bedroom, “Mommy, I GOTTA PEE!” I jumped out of bed and together we rushed to the bathroom. After getting his almond milk and popping in a Maters Tall Tales DVD, this Mommy starting prepping breakfast.

I sat down to enjoy a big bowl of blueberry Greek yogurt with flax seeds and granola with a side of strawberries and a pumpkin muffin just in time for The Little One to wake up and need my attention. After a diaper change, a sippy of whole milk and lots of hugs, The Little One and I sat down and ate our breakfast together. He DEVOURED his pumpkin muffin and enjoyed a few bites of my yogurt as well.


The Big One is NOT a morning person so once he arose from the dead, he enjoyed a hearty (yeah right!) breakfast of Ezekiel bread with strawberry jam. We got ready for preschool and the gym and headed out. After preschool drop-off, I headed to the gym.

My workout was AWESOME this morning. I started with a 20 minute treadmill warm-up: 1 minute running at 5.5 followed by 1 min. at 8.5, repeat until you hit 20 minutes. This was a tough warm-up and really had me sweating! Followed by this Total Body Circuit.


After a few yoga poses and stretching, I headed home for a whey protein shake and a hot shower. Now its time to pick The Big One up from Preschool!

What was your workout today?

What is your go-to breakfast for kids?

In your experience do protein shakes after a workout help your recovery?


Show me some comment love!

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