When Kids Won’t Eat

The daycare at my gym is a busy place, especially between the hours of 9am –11am so I always make a reservation.  I was bummed when I called to reserve a spot for The Little One (age 1) so I could take my favorite spin class this morning and he was wait listed. I was considering taking a rest day since I’m a bit sore but the stars aligned and the gym called and said they had room for my cute little baby.

The first few minutes of class were tough, I was tired and not sure if I was up for such a high intensity workout. Once we got going and I felt the energy of the other riders around me I perked up and ended up having a great workout. Endorphins are the BEST! I was energized for the rest of the day.


I tested a new recipe for dinner tonight and it was a bust! Well, not a total bust.  I liked it but my family wasn’t that into it.  It was Thai Chicken Pizza from Jillian Michaels website http://www.jillianmichaels.com/lose-weight/healthy-summer-pizza.aspx. I figured everyone would love it since it included bread and cheese. Doesn’t it look delicious?

photo (1)

I made my own whole wheat crust which was pretty dense but it tasted fabulous.  When I told The Big One (age 2) we were having pizza for dinner he was super excited and ran over to the table.  He looked at it and immediately took off the peppers and chicken! He took one bite and proclaimed, “I’m all done Mommy!” I tried to coax him into eating a bit more but failed.

My philosophy with kids and eating is this; I make them healthy meals and offer them a variety of foods but, I never force my kids to eat anything they don’t want to. However, I am not a short order cook and if they don’t want to eat what is being served, they don’t eat. Well, that’s not true.  I won’t make another meal, but I will allow them to have a different fruit or vegetable. My pediatrician assures me my kids will not starve themselves and offering them a different meal because they don’t like the one being served will only make them picky eaters.

Hubby ate his pizza but only had one slice and even though he is polite and would never say he didn’t like something I made, I could tell it wasn’t his cup of tea!  Even though I liked this pizza, I probably won’t make it again since no one else did. On the bright side I have enough leftovers to last me a few days. Who doesn’t love leftover pizza?!?!

Questions for this evening:

What is your favorite thing to eat as leftovers?

If you have kids, what do you do when they don’t like what you made for dinner?


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