My History With Running

This afternoon I’m going to share my history with running but first…Lunch!


Lunch was leftover quinoa salad adapted from this recipe and a side of fresh raspberries. I used apple chicken sausage which is my absolute favorite! I didn’t have zucchini or parsley so I just left them out. I also used a lime instead of lemon and added mushrooms to the mix because I wanted to use them up. This dish was fresh and not too heavy and was great served hot and cold.

Now on to the main attraction.

When I think back to my childhood I remember loathing my father every Saturday morning because he forced my brother and I out of bed and made us run 3 or 4 miles.  We weren’t regular runners, just Saturdays.  Oh how I HATED those runs!

My grandfather was a marathon runner and even qualified and ran in the Boston Marathon.  He died of colon cancer when I was a baby so I didn’t know him but one of the legacies he left behind was his passion for running. He wrote a memoir and in it there are countless pages and stories of his races and his love for running. My brother took up running about a year ago and is currently training for his second marathon.

Distance running is part of my heritage and I finally decided I want to be a part of it! I am going to run in my first ever half marathon on October 13. That is just 4 short weeks away and I am so excited about it. Running makes me feel healthy and strong.  I love getting to the end of my planned run and feeling so accomplished and proud about doing something good for myself. My body is changing for the better and I have never had more energy.  I never thought I would say this but; I love running!

I have come up with my own personal training plan for my half.  I researched quite a few different training strategies and wrote out a plan that works for ME. I designed it to help me complete a half marathon while achieving overall health and fitness, not to have the fastest race time. It includes weight training, intervals, yoga, long runs on Saturdays and 1 full rest day.

I’m SO excited for my 1/2 marathon and will be sure to tell you all about it.


Have you run a long distance race?  What is your advice for me?

2 thoughts on “My History With Running

  1. Congratulations on taking the plunge! I loved how you wrote about your grandfather and his memoir musings. Any chance you might post some of them? Perhaps a Boston race he ran or another event? I’d love to read about it. As for advice, there is so much. You seem to have a good plan in place for your training. Make sure if you are using any nutrition during your race, you experiment with it during your training (gels/sport drink etc) to know if you have any reaction stomach-wise. Pace yourself according to your training. Don’t go out too fast. Will you be using a walk/run program or are you planning to go full out and run? I have a few tips on my blog if you care to take a look

    • Great idea to post some of my grandfathers musings. I will have to dig out his book and do that1 As far as my race goes I’m planning on running the whole thing. I will experiment with my nutrition on my 10 mile run on Saturday. Great tip!

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